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    Bookbazaar.com is one of the largest e-commerce portal providing pre-packed school booklists in India. bookbazaar.com is born out of the need to cater to busy parents who value convenience and schools who wish to provide better services to the parents. As it becomes difficult to get all books at one place, we provide a perfect online solution to parents for getting everything delivered at doorstep. The parents can register on bookbazaar.com, select their child's school & class to get the book list provided by their school. The parents can then order the book list by making online payment or by paying cash on delivery.

    Our solution aims to enable the schools to continuously provide good services to parents & also improve their own operational efficiency.

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    12 June 2023/BOOKBAZAAR

    The World is progressing, with various advancements we have also foreseen a shift in the beliefs of people. Podcasts are the new smart work of this generation. While youngsters reading books are considered as geek and intellectual, Podcast listeners are referred to as smart, progressive and trendy. Regardless of the medium you are accepting there is something that stays the exact same. You know what? The ability to consume content for personal development. No matter whether you choose to read or listen to podcasts, both are equally beneficial. Though there are some things which make them vividly differ from each other. What are you thinking about them already? Don't worry, let's get started with both aspects.

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    07 June 2023/BOOKBAZAAR

    Ever wondered how easy it would be to drive sales if the function of the trading is shifted online? An online bookstore is the actual representation of today's techno savvy World. The phenomenon increase in usage of online medium for book sales has led to a sharp growth in the book industry. Even the research shows enough evidence to suggest that incorporating digital platforms to lead commercial transactions is an amazing evaluation tactic. The online retail world has its own implications and benefits.

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    18 May 2023/BOOKBAZAAR

    The lightning fast advancements of the Global Economy are enough to let us ponder upon various prospects. Post Covid Pandemic the world has adapted to the digital medium as their main source of working. With the drastic shift to virtual impartation the need for online book stores is also prevalent. There has been an age-old debate about the shift from traditional printed books to the digital ideology. But with the sharp increase in tech savvy people various providers are catering digital services to the large digital users community. The looming large need for online school bookstores has made it easy to deliver corporate training to publishing authorities in the digital era. Despite the onslaught of digital medium and its popularity there are not many online bookstores prevalent in India.

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