Books are our best friends. Since tender age we have been listening to this saying. And we tend to question ourselves if it is true? You know what student life is the best phase of life because you can decipher various things. You are curious about everything going around you and due to the regulation policy you read a lot. Books help you to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge. While talking about Educational aspect, the subject course book has its own limitations. The education rendered from it is subjected solely to the syllabus and not the deeper understanding of the topic. But with the use of reference books it is easy to gain a better understanding of the topics.

Reference books are a very useful aspect for exploring topics, finding detailed notes about concepts, discovering more questions to deal with and understanding the underlying principle. Every school board has their own set of reference books which the student can avail from traditional bookstores or by doing online book shopping. Facility of online bookstores has acted as a boon to the economy. Finding reference books may serve to be a lengthy task if you are planning to do it traditionally. There may be cases when the availability of books lead to time and energy waste. But with the online book shopping module it is easy to find the book by just a click. In case the book is out of stock the data management software will automatically notify you once it gets back in stock. Thus with the importance of reference books we must also understand the need for buying books online in India.

To take the full advantage of the learning environment, reference books act as a supplement. It helps you gain useful information in a very organised manner and flow chart. Overall it's an amazing utility that can direct your path when you feel lost. The ample amount of problems it projects on a simple topic helps you gain complete closure and prepare efficiently. The conceptual segregation helps in better preparation for exams with complete sync with the paper pattern. The vivid description of content helps in enriching the source of knowledge and quickly grasp the limited explanation. With the strengthened ability to find solutions books act as the source of understanding. It delivers acute awareness about different situations pertaining to the market and helps in boosting the confidence of students.


Characteristics of Reference Books:


The reference books have their own significance and course of value. The printed composition that generally poses to deliver detailed knowledge to people for consultation or research basis are known as reference books. Some of the characteristics of the same are:


  • They are full of miscellaneous information and fascinating facts
  • They store information that is collected from a vast number of sources and data
  • They have their own set of arrangement and chronology
  • The arrangement methodology helps in acquiring information easily and conveniently
  • They provide bird eye view of all the topics pertaining to the syllabus year
  • They are intended usually for primary consultation
  • In most of the cases they are stored in libraries for acquiring reference and knowledge
  • They usually focus on providing information that is supported by actual facts


Advantages of using Reference books:

Reference books help in establishing accuracy of analytical results by properly transmitting knowledge to the person. Some of the benefits of reference books are:


  • Reference books help the students to instil the habit of self study and self analysis among themselves. With the spirit to complete the work on their own they strive to improve their overall efficiency. Students understand the importance of self effort for the longer run.
  • In case of assignments and projects about a particular topic for the course book, reference books may come to rescue. With better understanding and detailed content it helps the pupils to workout on their tasks effectively.
  • Reference books act as a source of spreading information vividly and thus may act as a module to stimulate scientific thinking. With the effective inculcation of scientific attitude it helps the students to also grow as an individual.
  • Reference books make you ponder into the ocean of knowledge. It leads to new vistas of knowledge that help in acquiring credibility.
  • Reference books also help in exploring a particular topic from different perspectives about life. They help you in creatively asserting your analytical skills and imagine several aspects by active reading lifestyle.


Reference books not only mean educational textbooks by different authors but also many other perspectives. There are many types of reference books such as:


  • Encyclopaedia
  • Dictionary
  • Directories
  • Audio visual materials
  • Yearbook or supplement encyclopaedia
  • Manuals or statistical sources
  • Bibliographies
  • Biographical sources
  • Guide books or maps


With reference books it is easy to acquire specific facts and a quick overview of a subject. With the techno savvy World it is easy to avail reference books in both online as well as print copy. There are various school books online in India that help you acquire knowledge and excel academically. There are many situations when we fail to understand the difference between a textbook and reference book. Due to which people neglect the use of reference books in their daily routine. One must understand that a textbook contains information from primary sources to just provide knowledge while the reference books are collected from a vast number of sources to provide better understanding. If a textbook can be considered as a necessity to impart education then reference books are the service provided to improve its efficiency.


Usefulness of Reference books:

  • Reference books help in quick, timely and fast checking of sources.
  • It helps in managing all the background information and prepare flow charts about the topics
  • It helps the educators in preparing exam papers by providing a variety of questions for a single topic
  • It helps the students to prepare effectively for the exam by practising a variety of questions. Let's not forget 'Practice makes a man Perfect'
  • It contains bibliography to acquire additional knowledge and find sources for topics
  • By providing good variety of options it helps in learning specific vocabulary
  • Helps in preparing for board exams with complete grasp of question pattern


For smooth and seamless functioning of school it is essential that the school library hold necessary reference books. By accessing reference books from the library students and teachers can complete their work more efficiently. The teachers can issue the books for reference while preparing the examination paper while students can issue it to prepare and understand the topics for examination. Rather, let's talk about the online aspect. Many schools have started to use school management software for a seamless working environment of the educational institute. With the help of library management it gets easy for the students to access books digitally. The system helps librarians modernise their circulation process and escape from the traditional methodology of manual data entry. With cloud based storage a variety of books are stored digitally. Library management system software helps Schools in providing the students the facility to learn and gather resources by promoting group learning experience. They can easily improve their skills and knowledge by utilising various resources stored on the portal quickly. By creating a better learning experience, it enables the students to find books, catalogue, and magazines easily by just entering the desired interest option. The advanced library software makes it convenient to list various prospects with a better understanding of its Outlook and significance. Thus online book stores and library management systems help in creating a good environment for use of reference books digitally. To gain advancements and strive for quality driven education online medium helps in accessing huge databases of leads. By boosting the student learning experience reference books serve to be the most sophisticated and appropriate element.


Even the National Education Policy understands the need for practicality in the learning environment. By exchanging the rot learning environment to deliver quality Education with utmost practicality the policy helps in increasing the literacy rates of the economy. For sustainable development of every Economy it is important that it is enriched with knowledge. By moulding the careers of students we can strive towards a better uplifting society. In order to shape the future of students, in depth delivery of education is required which can be achieved by using reference books as a supplement source.

There is no age to learn. The day you decide you want to grow, you step upon the path to excel. With peculiar information about every topic each student gets charged up to understand their matters of interest. This ultimately leads us to acknowledge that reference books are quite important in the education system and must be used effectively.

Acquire knowledge and develop skills because it will lead you to excel in the longer run.