Book shopping is one hell of a task when you are not aware about what to buy. Isn't it confusing to see so many genres and authors while buying books? We have advanced our steps towards modernising by drastically adapting to the digital platform. Now with online book shopping it is easy to select an appropriate book from the wide range of options displayed on site. The added advantage of online book stores is that it stores huge databases and deals with a number of authors at once.

No matter if you opt for the traditional method of book shopping in India or the online bookstore, something that stays common is the confusion. It is likely that your brain gets freezed with many options at once. When there are many options beholding their significance in front of you it is very important to select the best possible option. In order to select the most appropriate book one must consider various things in mind. Your preference, choices, mindset, capability to understand, age group, genre choice, language and culture are some of the elements that determine your selection. Buying books online in India is an efficient way of selecting books based upon your preference without getting obstructed by extremities such as salespeople. As while doing online shopping there are no employees trying to convince you about a product. It's rather your own decision than by the categoric influence of others. Peace of mind and stability of thoughts play a vital role in selecting the best possible book for reading. It is likely that you select the best book when you have clarity of thoughts and appropriate ideology about your preference.




  • In order to select the best book the first thing to consider is the age group. As you are aware that each book has their own code of conduct and language. Depending upon the age group, book preference changes. Wondering how? Let me tell you. For example if your Child is 1 year or so. You will select an alphabetic book, or pictorial representation easy set. Or if your ward is in 3rd or 4th standard you will select the necessary education book and even cursive writing book depending upon the situation. For classes 6 to 8, you would rather focus upon buying guides, encyclopaedias and choice based books. From classes 10 to 12 it is likely that you purchase novels, reference books, and fiction. After completing education you might purchase books for preparation of some competitive exams. So you see with age the need for books also changes. Reading is the best possible way to acquire knowledge to its optimum. The bar is set upon language for easy flow of information.
  • Post selection of appropriate age groups one must try to understand the genre they want to read. Reading books is sort of refreshing in itself. To ensure that you feel relaxed and equipped with knowledge after reading the book one must select the appropriate book.
  • There might be a case when you like the cover but not the content of the book. Thus one must be well aware about the book they are purchasing and read the reviews online. The exquisite benefit of buyers in online bookstore is that it lets you read the description of a book beforehand. Now you might be wondering how that is related to appropriate selection of books. The reviews help in understanding the concept behind the book and its motive. There are many books with happy as well as sad outlook in one go. Depending upon the timing and clue for ending one must decide the book. Now you might be wondering why I am talking about the end. It's because there are people with a perception to only read happy ending books. In such cases selecting a book which has a sad ending will lead the reader to dislike his/her choice. Thus appropriate selection is very important. As it is a clear example of 'Never judge a book by its cover'.


A good target strategy is very important to select the appropriate book to read. In order to ascertain your choice you must answer some of the questions before selection. The list of questions are jotted down.


  • Understand your capability to make individual choices. What would you like to read?
  • Develop your own literacy preference. How difficult will the language be? The book should be responsible to only provide you with comic relief or some sort of knowledge? What language and field would you like to read about?
  • Determine your reading ability. And by accepting the duration, select the range of books you want to read. Should it be a novel or short story or what?
  • Try to identify your needs and criteria for selecting a book to read. By understanding the motive behind Reading books it gets easy to determine the goal.




  • What type of book do you want to read?
  • Are you looking forward to reading something scary, funny, non fiction or what?
  • Are you selecting this book because the cover attracts you?
  • Is this book related to some series or movie?
  • Do you ever find the urge to read more about the story after reading it?
  • Does the theme or storyline interest you?
  • Are you aware about the author and are reading books based upon the preference of the writer?
  • Does the length of the book seem okay to read?
  • Do you feel connected with the story?
  • By any chance do you feel motivated or influenced after discovering this book?


In order to select the best book for a child one must opt for the 5 finger rule. It is rather a versatile strategy to decipher the aptness of reading material. This methodology takes place by making your child read a random page from the book. If the child is able to understand everything except 2 words or less than the reading ability of the child for the book is moderate but in case it's more than 4-5 words then the difficulty level is high. It is very important to understand reading level and ability to accept information before buying a book as it should add value to the lifestyle. Thus with appropriate gauge technique and strong strategic mechanism we can ensure that we select the best possible book to acquire knowledge. This will lead to justice to the quote 'books are our best friends'.

There are various factors that determine the value of a book. In order to understand the appropriateness one must retrieve these factors:


  • Design and craftsmanship of the book
  • Importance or influence of the book
  • Provenance
  • Literature and language style
  • Grip on storyline
  • Clarity of characters
  • Engaging plot
  • Satisfactory ending
  • Rare or Rawness
  • Speech and flow of information


The vivid importance of book selection has led to the development of various programs in the education industry. By fostering and nurturing the successful developmental characteristics selection of appropriate books can be perceived. By selecting a good book you nurture the mechanism of lifelong reading capability. Thus it is very critical to select a good book for the motivation to keep on reading. Now with the help of Online bookstores it's all sorted. They enable you to do book shopping online at ease of staying at home. It is rather easy to find the correct book by just entering the name on the search tab rather than roaming around various stores. The phenomena of digital technology has helped in exploring more trends and increasing sales. From the perspective of business both the mediums are effective. But the studies have showcased a sharp increase in preference of buying books online in India. Online Book shopping helps you in providing an authentic look with a feasible approach to all genres and authors. They have an added advantage of providing a variety of books with minimization of inventory costs spent behind it. Thus by availing this wonderful mechanism now one can buy the best book out of the bulk at ease.


Selecting an accurate book is rather an operation of importance. With constant efforts and consistent evaluation one will be able to ascertain their level of understanding. With time it gets easy to select the best possible book. The worst case scenario might be that you end up buying a book that you don't like later on. But with practice it all tends to get better. Afterall 'Practice makes a man Perfect' right?


Books are the literary assets to life and one must ascertain their value effectively. Selecting a good book will help in nurturing the future by planting seeds of hope today.