Practice makes a man Perfect. Ever wondered how easy it would be to excel academically if you are well accustomed with every type of sum or question? What? Assuming the question to be irrelevant? No it isn't. To excel academically you need to be quite clear with the concept you deal in and have accurate backing about its stance. To uplift the performance capability of students there are various reference books prevailing in the market. Not only that but there are various online tutorials and research papers published to provide ample amounts of knowledge to the young generation.

Reference books play quite an essential role in moulding your educational background. It helps the students by providing them with knowledge and deep conceptual understanding of the topics. They are considered to be a compilation of all sorts of problems and questions that may help the student in developing a better understanding of the concept. It is a basic consultation aid that provides detailed insights about information of a topic with accurate representation of sources. During times of dilemma students can easily refer to such books for factual checking. Reference books rather act as a support to educational institutes by providing ample information about background history. There are various types of Reference books that one can find even in the Online bookstores nowadays.


  • Encyclopaedia
  • Dictionaries
  • Directories
  • Almanacks
  • Atlases
  • Indexes
  • Project manual
  • Supporting Text books


Reference books are very resourceful in terms of their aspect for exploring topics, finding detailed notes about concepts, discovering more questions to deal with and understanding the underlying principle. They not only provide a good source of information but also allows Every school board to have their own set of reference books which the student can avail from traditional bookstores or by conveniently doing online book shopping. Facility of online bookstores has acted as a boon to the economy. Finding reference books may serve to be a lengthy task if you are planning to do it traditionally. There may be cases when the availability of books lead to time and energy waste. But with the online book shopping module it is easy to find the book by just a click. In case the book is out of stock the data management software will automatically notify you once it gets back in stock. Thus with the importance of reference books we must also understand the need for buying books online in India. There are a variety of sources that lets one ponder upon the use of reference books in day to day educational


Characteristics of Reference Books:


The use of reference books is predominant in today's time. Some of the basic characteristics of reference books are:


  • They act as a source of reliability in case of confusion. They are consulted in cases where information about definite items is to be acquired.

  • It acts as a miscellany of information and facts stored in the longer run. With conceptual representation and a varied showcase of history it acts convenient for the students to acquire knowledge.

  • The sources gathered are not just subject to one location. Rather it is a compilation of various sources and projects.

  • The primary focus of reference books is not to be used while imparting education but to act as an occasional consultation source.

  • It helps in better summary and project formulation of a topic given in the textbook.


Reference books are a bliss to the educational fraternity. You know why? Because it tends to elaborate every concept vividly and helps in clear representation of content. Reference books are purchased as per needs instead of demand from the educational institutes. Now let's talk about some of the popular reference books prevailing in India for reference.


  • R.D. Sharma: R.D. Sharma is quite an effective book by Ravi Dutta Sharma. This book is enough to shake the nerves of every average student. RD Sharma has quite a history of acting as a Bible to students. This compilation is rather helpful for board examinations, and upscaling the knowledge to crack engineering entrance exams. On a much broader scale it is the best book that one can practice according to the Ncert format. It basically aims at making the mathematics concepts of students strong and enrich them with a corrective path towards excellence. For various examinations completion of this book is considered more than enough. It is a bulky inventory including a large range of questions and problems within it. Due to various advancements one can even opt for online book shopping now as it is also available in the online bookstores such as Book Bazaar.

  • Science textbook by Lakhmir Singh: The book by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur is also available on the online portal from where one can buy books online in India. It is a solution component that aims at providing guidance about various topics from the curriculum syllabus. It is a study resource that has a properly defined solution set for providing profound knowledge and compiled study. The science book conforms to the assertion of NCERT syllabus with a series of solution sets and availability on digital platforms.

  • RS Agrawal: RS Agrawal is a complete package for all board types. With elaborated and accurate information it aims at delivering timely guidance to the students. It not only helps in clearing concepts but also has a comprehensive CCE question bank in it. This will lead to enabling students to practice as per the exam pattern. It helps you gain useful information in a very organised manner and flow chart. Overall it's an amazing utility that can direct your path when you feel lost. The ample amount of problems it projects on a simple topic helps you gain complete closure and prepare efficiently. The conceptual segregation helps in better preparation for exams with complete sync with the paper pattern. The vivid description of content helps in enriching the source of knowledge and quickly grasp the limited explanation.

  • Navyug Hindi Vyakaran: As compared to other subjects Hindi has its own level of difficulty. There are very few cases when someone would want to refer to another book for the Hindi language. This Navyug Hindi Vyakaran is also referred as the main textbook by many schools.

  • Oswaal Publication: For English Oswaal Publication has a good set of questions. By publishing CBSE chapter wise or Topic wise question bank Oswaal Publication aims at helping the education system in terms of literature and grammar. It enables students to practice and gather a good hold over the language. With each flow of thoughts it allows them to express their thoughts effectively and correctly.


For GSEB it is quite prevalent that the best source to study is the notes that one has made from the textbook. Gujarat board follows a different code of conduct and paper pattern. These notes might serve to be really helpful. Even though reference books and guides are really helpful they are not the best possible way to sustain knowledge about curriculum. Reference books rather hold more information about topics as compared to the actual course and thus might tend to be unwanted. As they store large prospective information about every single topic which might not be needed for completing the syllabus of school.


For the successful development of an Educational Institute and Society, Students academic performance plays an important role. To achieve significant occupational as well as economic success the development and enrichment of students should be focused upon constantly. Thus with the help of reference books and research publications it is easy to let students acquire high end information. The future of an educational institute is directly related and proportional to the growth, performance of its students. With the help of various measures the performance can be continuously monitored and reports can be generated based upon knowledge acquired and resources used to channelise it. Reflecting the decisions made various solutions and strategies are implied as to what needs to be delivered in the institute. Even the theory of academic excellence emphasises upon six foundational concepts that are formed for performance and performance improvement. These concepts are based upon use of additional resources and certainty involvement in the working environment.


List of Books as per subjects:


  • Mathematics: RD Sharma by Dhanpat Rai Publications
  • Physics: Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
  • Chemistry: ABC of Chemistry by Modern Publications
  • Biology: ABC of Biology by Modern Publications
  • English: Oswaal Publication Chapter wise or Topic wise question bank
  • Mathematics: RS Agrawal's Senior secondary school mathematics for Class.


Reference books are easy to read and help in building strong basics that are required for fundamental operations. For better understanding and a smooth self study environment such reference publications come at rescue.