The revolutionised Book industry is marking its significance in today’s World. Nowadays ecommerce has allowed easy delivery and proper optimisation of various activities of business. There is a vast difference between both the traditional and online modules. Rather, let's say that an online platform is devised in such a way that it removes the barriers faced by traditional methods and provides a more convenient retrieval.

Talking about bookstores both aspects have their own value and need. The traditional bookstore lets you enjoy book shopping with a sense of personal touch. It lets you roam around the store and buy books after fully examining everything. While the online bookstore enables you to do book shopping online at ease of staying at home. It is rather easy to find the correct book by just entering the name on the search tab rather than roaming around various stores. The phenomena of digital technology has helped in exploring more trends and increasing sales. From the perspective of business both the mediums are effective. But the studies have showcased a sharp increase in preference of buying books online in India. Online Book shopping helps you in providing an authentic look with a feasible approach to all genres and authors. They have an added advantage of providing a variety of books with minimization of inventory costs spent behind it.


The traditional bookstores allow customers to immediately take the book in their case after buying but in online medium it takes time due to transportation and delivery of the book. Online bookstore is a channel of convenience as one can easily buy books from any place and at any time. Fast forward moving lives of today’s time allow us with no spare time to perform extra work. As due to the busy schedules it gets difficult to go to bookstores and select the books traditionally. It is rather time consuming and lengthy in nature. But the digital platform helps in smooth and seamless operation by saving time. How can someone do smart book shopping? With the help of digital platforms one can easily decipher the best price to pay for a book by comparing the price range on various digital portals (websites) at once. There is an added advantage of buying school books online in India as there are refreshing offers to help in saving money deliberately. They provide the added benefit of extra offers and coupons for next purchases in future. Not just that but the school books online delivery ensures that your books are delivered at your footsteps in no time. This ensures that you don't need to travel down to the store to buy the book or enquire about its availability. In cases where the books are not in stock the online bookstore management software easily notify you about it. And with just an approval tick you get notified when the book is again in stock. There is no need to visit the store again and again or call to enquire about it. Easy right? The interface is not just easy to use but also saves effort by a great number. With an engaging experience and amazing functionality portal it helps in easy flow of work as to deciding the genre and selecting the best book out of it. One can avail the most out of an online bookstore which does not seem to be rightly prevalent in traditional bookstores.


For a successful and appealing bookstore one can follow some steps. These steps ensure that the drastic shift from traditional bookstores is done justice.


  • Strategy: Determination of strategic goals using social networks as the channel. It is important to rightly decipher the focus market and formulate a plan accordingly. While the traditional store focuses on just one location the online platform can deliver services all around the globe. Pretty beneficial right?

  • Planning and publishing of site: Drafting the accurate plan for content and decision making is essential. With proper determination one can understand what content it would be displayed on the site and how.

  • Listening and engagement allocation: With constant monitoring of reviews and sales insights from posts and other business assets one can ascertain the actual need for adoption of media engagement tools.

  • Analytical reports formation: It is quite essential to analyse how fast posts are going and whether the engagement rate is accurate or not. To determine the next course of plan, reports about engagement and reach can be prepared. These modules serve as the basis for decision making.

  • Advertising: The best way to promote and develop the brand is by purchasing ads on social media platforms or creating insightful content. Once the online bookstore is in regular motion proper advertising technique and sales promotion should be followed.


Traditional bookstores have limited space to display books which leads to a sharp decrease in the access to genres available in the store. But with online bookstores there comes the possibility of huge databases and access folio. You can easily browse through the variety of options and buy books based upon your interest just by searching for it. More likely to the prevalent trend, people nowadays are also shifting to buying books online in India due to its convenience and cost friendly nature affecting trade. Even the customer experience is boosted on digital platforms due to the quick response and efficient data management system. With an ample amount of exposure provided as an aid it gets easy to expand the reach and grow as an individual. After analysing various reports and trends it is easy to say that extracting the information of books in digital format has acted as a boon for many.


The traditional method is well known for its customer experience. The fun showroom atmosphere gets subjected to viewing all products on a screen while doing online book shopping. We Indians have always loved to cherish the shopping moments that’s what makes traditional showrooms fun right? There are cases when some might find online shopping a bit boring due to its lack of personal touch. But to deal with time and resources online medium serves as the best possible way and need of hour. Oh and lets not forget while online book shopping there is no pressure upon the consumer as to what they need to purchase. One can easily buy books at the ease of staying at home. The level of comfort is high as there are no such sales representatives hovering them with the intention to influence the decision of buyers for their target.


While starting with an online bookstore, one must remember to consider the cost of inventory though it is comparatively less as compared to the traditional module. Opening a brick and mortar bookstore might result in the highest start up cost in the spectrum on the longer run. The empowered opportunities that one receives from digital platforms is immensely high. It has helped the authors to navigate their marketing like a pro in no time. Wondering How? Technological advancement and digital interface makes it easy to advertise and socialise. Thus there are high end possibilities with the people to spread their word and popularise their product. Online Book Store can easily be tied up with influencers, journalists, and other creators that have built a huge audience base on social platforms to monetize and strengthen their reach circle. One more advantage of online platforms over traditional? Nowadays people are actually becoming aware about waste and sustainability. Thus they strive towards adapting the online medium for reading and it might turn out to be sourceful for businesses. Online booksellers may therefore have their own significant specific corner in the market by just channelising their resources to its optimum. And to deal with this it is important to formulate a strategic plan and deliver best services to the customers. Online bookstores in India are a channel to ensure a seamless working environment that can help individuals leverage the robust IT based technology in order to eliminate use of huge storage for inventories on site. The value for such platforms has helped in increasing the overall efficiency to deliver timely services. The acute acceleration of Online book shopping helps in striving for a constant factor of continuity towards the digital trend at stake.


Traditional as well as Online bookstores have their own significance and motive. With the implication of welfare analysis one can suggest that online bookstores are rather profitable and good enough to capture larger market share. Overall books help in gaining and learning something new irrespective of its purpose and dependability. No matter what medium one selects, the end point is to receive books and cherish its value. It depends upon the consumer preferences and weightage of format as to which medium they select.