The widely used mechanism of using digital platforms for delivering literary works in the form of e-commerce is known as Online bookstores. The revolutionary idea of using cloud based infrastructure to withstand the book sales industry is a phenomenon. Buying books online in India may result to be very fruitful due to the following reasons:

  • ost effective in nature
  • Relatively stores huge databases
  • Provides service efficiency
  • Benefits convenient retrieval
  • Payment mechanism
  • No gap as to location
  • No need of storing huge inventories
  • Saves cost spent on building infrastructure


Online book shopping is an aspect that aims at providing accurate exposure to the audience. In today's time such platforms help the users in comparing the price mechanism between different stores and also read the reviews on it. With the help of search engines like Google it gets easy to understand the product availability and book content beforehand. By providing adequate diversity in working it helps customers to select their potential product. This type of retail business is quite popular in today's productive world. No matter if the online book selling site is built with the perspective of sideline or full line business it may serve to be highly profitable. In India there are various book selling websites that have established their own working module and popularised it on a larger scale. Now let's talk about the top 10 Book selling sites in India:


  • Book Bazaar: Book Bazaar is an online book selling website that focuses on delivering not only educational books and paper stationary but also non paper stationary. It is a cloud based book store that has over 100 products registered under the name. It is referred to as the best online store for school going students due to the large variety of products it deals in. Being one of the largest e-commerce platforms for providing pre-packed school booklists in India, it also ensures quick deliveries with facility of tracking orders with the help of fleet management softwares. Thus to ensure a seamless working environment it allows the customers to easily leverage the robust IT based platform by eliminating the use of huge storage for inventories. The platform helps in increasing the overall efficiency of schools by providing good and timely services to its parents on a daily basis. The acute acceleration of the working module helps in striving for a constant factor of continuity towards the digital trend. Overall book bazaar shows a spatial design for easy workflow and smooth delivery of operations. By benefiting the economy it aims at an increased rate of return.

  • Amazon: Let's just get it clear that Amazon is the perfect marketplace on the digital platform. It is an important platform to showcase your skills, sell e-books, or even use online Amazon. It is not only the number 1 e-commerce platform for all types of products but also has trusted backing. In terms of the book industry it holds a wide variety ranging from new releases, classics, fictions, comic books, mystery, romance, thriller, historic, philosophy and entrepreneurship. It is rather a complete package and one stop solution for every reader. Even to make the most out of available sources it provides recommendations based upon different genres given by professional editors and readers. It may result to be cost effective in nature due to the use of coupons and promo codes available with the online bookstore.

  • Flipkart: Keeping with the trend of online shopping, Flipkart tends to make life easier. It allows you to explore various genres and select top selling author novels with their respective reviews. One can use this platform to refresh their mechanism, inspire or even learn something new to develop a positive attitude. There are a wide range of varieties available on the platform ranging from mythology, fantasy, history, thriller, fiction, classics to academics. Not only this but also the additional support of foreign languages makes it easy to use the platform all around the globe. It is an accurate path towards selecting the best book depending upon your convenience and interest.

  • Used Book Factory: Thi is rather one the first marketplace in India for selling second hand books online. The online bookstore has partnered with various retailers and marketers around the demographic map to offer books for schools, colleges, University students and activity based events. It is basically a small business set up with the motive to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of books on a single platform. The site functions on a robust IT based ideology and has a series of technical backgrounds in it.

  • Pustak Kosh: Pustak Kosh, an online bookstore that acts as a one stop solution for buying new books, e-books, rent books or second hand books. There are a wide range of deals and promos that the company provides on a monthly basis. The friendly atmosphere and developing module helps in saving 70% of resources for the students. It not only holds a database for academic books but also graduation and undergraduate students. It has books regarding computer science, biotechnology, software or even medicine that they supply from the platform.

  • Bookywooky is a unique interface of business. This business got into regulation due to a mother's frustration about not being able to find the correct quality book for her child. The company aims at providing quality books on the online portal that help the children grow. The payment mechanism of the company is safe from frauds and has secured outflow of information.

  • Bookswagon: Books are our best friends. Bookswagon greatly accepts its meaning as a formulation of business strategy. The online store aims at sharing Recommendations of books that help in shaping the thoughts of young people. It mainly focuses on providing resourceful and motivational books to its customers. With good customer experience and timely services it aims at satisfying the needs of customers.

  • My Book Shop: An online bookstore that has all sorts of books stored in it. With a reasonable price range and vast book collection module it helps in improving the lives of people. The quality driven website aims at delivering a trouble free shopping experience of buying books online in India.

  • Order your books: A company that has sustained itself in the market for the last 30 years. It aims at constantly adapting to the emerging trends of markets and considers customer preference as the stake of working. It has a variety of collections ranging from college books, competitive books to best sellers reads etc. To remove the obstruction of theft and delay. There is a proper fleet management system that lets the customers ascertain the position of their order. The convenient module of business helps in upliftment and growth of the book industry.

  • Book flow: An internet based website that helps in fueling the passion of reading among the people of the country. It is a one step platform that provides customer to customer book preference and works as a classified website. With accurate sections and support team regulation it is easy to trade in books. The convenient path helps in buying and selling of books or even used books easily and smoothly. Overall it promotes a seamless working environment.


The online bookstore system has acted as a boon to the feasible market. To run a profitable business one must discover the gap in the market and focus upon proposing a solution to its removal. With proper allocation of resources and a seamless workforce it gets easy to maintain an online store. The main function of the portal is to act as a traditional platform for the site and it acts to be profitable. How is it really profitable? Once you purchase the book for an online store you do earn but it's not just subject to this. Being a registered landing page with per click you do start earning good money. Thus the digital infrastructure is beneficial and functional in nature. There are many digital bookstores, right? To ensure that your business stands out there are certain things that one must do:


  • Differentiate your brand and promote customer care
  • Be hyper focused
  • Focus on building customer service and relationships at stretch
  • Offer a curated experience on the go
  • Build community for growth and development


Overall, let's just say that selling books on virtual platforms is one of the most efficient ways to implement direct to consumer marketing. Here are some of the ultimate benefits that one faces due to building a book selling website in India.


  • Digital infrastructure helps in building an increased brand loyalty program
  • The methodology is designed such that it provides a more effective marketing channel
  • Improved content exposure and huge database
  • Enables greater control over sales and techniques


Online bookstore is a lucrative strategy that has enabled many individuals to make high end profits in the comfort of their own home. Thus opening of such a store is a very good option that leads to a supportive rate of returns. The book industry has adapted skillfully to various changes made in the market and with a scope of growth one can begin an online bookstore.