RD Sharma a prominent mathematician who has authored several textbooks that guides equations, formulas, concepts and much more. Ravi Dutta has made it possible to sum up a clear path towards guidance in Mathematics by aiming at acute exam preparation. It won't be unjust to state that RD Sharma is a compilation that is enough to shake the roots of every Child.

RD Sharma is quite an enthralling book that has been sold out like hot cakes in recent times. The books carry a mathematician tag along it and are considered as the Bible for students striving to crack engineering entrance exams. From a tender age students tend to develop the query between selection of accurate reference books. The main point of confusion lies between RS Agrawal and RD Sharma. While RS Agrawal has marked its significance in various streams, RD Sharma is referred to as the best book for Mathematics. RD Sharma is a compilation of a variety of questions and mind wrecking HOTS at the end. HOTS are the extra difficult questions set to raise the bar of education. It's easy for a student to find his/her way with the book as it is listed in way more depth and has a solid foundation. It covers all the types of questions a chapter can deal with, previous year questions, NCERT marked important questions and their solutions. There is a list of repeated board questions answers along with a sample test at the end of the book. From the perspective of school examinations and boards it is the most used and popular book. But when you think about preparing for JEE main or JEE advanced it is far from being recognised as the best. Though it provides a strong foundation for JEE but due to its subjective nature one might face difficulty. Thus it is advised to even refer to other coaching materials and reference books for seamless preparation of examinations.

RD Sharma is quite enthralling as it focuses on explicit content built to strengthen students' concepts. The books cover a detailed explanation of all the mathematical derivations and theories as prescribed in the book. In comparison to other books it provides a detailed overview of all the theories for easy and better understanding. With thorough practice of the book one can get the grip of all topics in plain and simple manner. RD Sharma usually is a subjective book but in case you are planning to use it for JEE mains then opt for RD Sharma objective book. One can easily find this module on the online bookstore in India.

Why do students prefer to use RD Sharma reference books?

RD Sharma is one of the most popular books opted by students of any CBSE affiliated school. The book has an enlisting reference of various modules. Some of the factors making the book preferable are:

  • Exam oriented approach: RD Sharma stores a wide list of concepts on a concrete module. It acts as a Mathematics Bible that contains a variety of questions, detailed solutions and all listed concepts in it. With a concise and detailed approach the book helps in making exam preparation easy and timely.

  • Helps in building a strong foundation: Reference books such as RD Sharma help in strengthening the base of concepts with effective representation of questions. Students are able to retain all the topics securely due to the variety of questions listed. There are numerous questions for a topic which one can solve in order to understand every topic. With the help of understanding concepts it gets really difficult to forget principles even if you would want to vanish.

  • Helps in regular practice: This reference book has enough placement for a variety of questions on the go. One can practice sums throughout the academic year and helps in clearing all doubts easily. Even at the end of the book there are sample papers which help in clarity of concepts. With question sets there are also solutions listed so that students get a clear view of answer representation. The marking pattern is rightly displayed at the end that helps in understanding how to assess your answering capability.

  • Competitive exams Usage: Apart from its coherent usage in academic performance one can also use this book to prepare for competitive exams. As we know there are various competitive exams that we foresee in regular intervals, these books come to rescue. Exams such as NTSE, Olympiad, JEE entrance and several other exams are set on the national level. Not all competitive exams have a prescribed study material thus RD Sharma helps in easy flow of practice. The type of questions given in the book are helpful in preparing for exams as the level of difficulty ranges from question to question.

  • Self sufficient and supportive: Now one need not practice various books to understand a topic. With RD Sharma acting as a one stop solution you don't need to practice many books. Students are able to solve all their queries and doubts without using various books.

  • Presentation of topics: The way this book is prepared helps in vividly understanding all concepts. The books are stretched upto a necessary length and describes all variations of concepts easily. Even the illustrations shown in the book are easy to catch the topics.

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In today's time to excel academically you need to perform measurably well. Students' performance can be a point of measuring accomplishments of the school. In order to let students Excel academically teachers must help them find the accurate reference book for study. There are many reference books prevailing in the market that have their own pros and cons. With accurate assertion and estimates about progress one can select the book. RD Sharma is like the mentor book for mathematics. It won't be too much to state that every NCERT student has solved it for once in their lifetime. It is a full-fledged solution set book for enriched experience and knowledge. The vivid description of content placed in sections helps in enriching the source of knowledge and quickly grasp the limited explanation. Reference books are easy to read and help in building strong basics required for fundamental operations of society as a whole.

Ravi Dutta Sharma indeed has made a masterpiece that helps students Excel in mathematics. It is believed that you will be able to score explicitly high if you are thorough with the latest edition of RD Sharma. Before striving for anything one must remember that practice makes a man Perfect and with constant efforts it is easy to achieve the desired goal. Overall this book is enough to shake the nerves of an individual and focus on important topics.