The drastic shift in the consumer market has led us to ponder upon the usage of digital platforms. The World is advancing, due to the Covid Pandemic the working space was utilised on cloud. Now with technological advancements it is easy to use digital platforms for all the tasks like studying, office work, buying and selling of things etc. Virtual ideology has made our lives easier. Now one can not only buy things at the convenience of home but also save lots of time and energy. Talking about the book industry, various studies have showcased that about 74% of the people tend to read at least one book every year. This shows that the consistency rate of readers is reasonable. About 30% of the population tend to be bookworms who read to earn pleasure and gain knowledge. Now let's think about it from the perspective of business. Don't you think setting up an online bookstore may result to be highly profitable?

The main motive of every business is to earn high end profits. The traditional bookstores have their own disadvantages in today's fast moving World. How about you channelise them and turn it into a high benefiting online book shopping platform? Online bookstores are way better than traditional book stores due to some of its benefiting points. Such as:


  • Digital platform helps in smooth and seamless operation by saving time of visiting the store
  • It allows the customers to easily decipher the best price to pay for a book by comparing the price range on various digital portals (websites). A true and fair view of credibility is also shown on the platform.
  • It has various added benefits as it provides extra offers and coupons for next purchase. The refreshing offers help in saving money deliberately. This strategy is helpful to both customers as well as the owner.
  • With easy flow of information it allows customers to find books related to a specific author or genre by just clicking on the preference tag while searching. Thus it eliminates the need to go to the store and find the appropriate book by moving around various stalls spending lots of time.
  • There are cases when the books are not in stock, the online store will easily notify you about it. And with just an approval tick you can get notified when the book is again in stock. There is no need to visit the store again and again or call to enquire about its availability or other details.
  • With an easy, secured medium of payment cashless transactions offer a smooth and seamless mode of transmission.
  • The school books online delivery supported by the platform ensures that your books are delivered at your footsteps in no time. This ensures that you don't need to travel down to the store to buy the book or enquire about it.
  • There is no unwanted pressure upon the consumer while shopping as they can do the selection at ease at home. The level of comfort is high as there are no sales representatives roaming around with the intention to influence the decision of buyers in an online bookstore.


To run a profitable business one must discover the gap in the market and focus upon proposing a solution to it. One of the biggest drawbacks that one faces during online book shopping is that of a personalised customer experience. To eliminate this, various businesses have set up AI interface communication centres. Even during the times of Covid Pandemic various owners were able to set up good customer relationships due to their quick and secured replies. Communication is the key to sustainable development of business. To reach heights every business must ensure customer satisfaction at first. And in order to satisfy the needs of customers it is important that timely services are provided to them. To ensure that your business grows in the online world. There are four quick steps as to how to sell books online.


  • Find your niche: Before starting the business one must be aware about their niche and what sorts of books they want to store. Either narrow onto book genres, sell vintage books or some rarely found books or some unique idea. With a good and effective market strategy it gets easy to offer unique customer experience to the people.
  • Brand it effectively: To boost up your sales it is important to brand the product effectively. By using a mission statement, voicing out opinions, presenting the values and exercising control over visual elements it gets easy to create a website that attracts customers.
  • Business model: After formulating the ideology one needs to establish relationships with the publishers and set accounts with the book distributors of the location.
  • Launch the site by asserting the time: The established market plan must be launched on a correct timing to ensure high end traffic and good rate of returns. This will ensure good customer engagement and high end sales.




  • Differentiate your brand and promote customer care
  • Be hyper focused
  • Focus on building customer service and relationships at stretch
  • Offer a curated experience on the go
  • Build community for growth


Indeed Ecommerce sites can result to be profitable due to its volume of reach and cost efficient solutions. Online bookstores in India can be highly appreciated if they have the muscle to bring a large volume of publishers and set the price mechanism effectively. It not only creates an engaging experience but also has amazing functionality that helps in the easy flow of work. The fast forward moving lives allow us with no spare time to perform extra work. Due to the busy schedules it gets difficult to go to bookstores and select the books traditionally. Thus to remove the barrier of time and place online book stores come to the rescue. Traditional bookstores have limited space to display books and thus the access to genres are limited. But with online bookstores comes the possibility of huge databases. You can easily browse through the variety of options and buy books based upon your interest. Though there are various disadvantages of using digital platforms such as safety concerns, to boost the growth of e-commerce it is necessary to deal with these disadvantages gracefully. The hindrances won't stop the upliftment of digital technology but rather help the business to recover from recession faced in intervals. There are various online book selling websites that help you find the correct book without the need to wander from one place to another. Such as: Book Bazaar, Amazon, Bookswagon, Flipkart, AbeBooks, etc.


While starting with an online bookstore, remember to consider the cost of inventory beforehand. Opening a brick and mortar bookstore might result in the highest start up cost in the spectrum. The empowered opportunities that one receives from this platform has helped the authors to navigate their marketing like a pro. Online Book Store can easily tie up with influencers, journalists, and other creators that have built a huge audience base on social platforms to monetize their site. Nowadays people are actually becoming aware about waste and sustainability. Thus adapting to the online medium for reading might turn out to be sourceful. Online booksellers may therefore have their own significant specific corner in the market by just channelising their resources to its optimum.


An online bookstore may not only deal with educational books or paper stationary but also non paper stationary. Just like Book Bazaar. It is an online book store that has over 100 products registered under the name. It is referred to as the best online store for school going students due to the large variety of products it deals in. Being one of the largest e-commerce platforms for providing pre-packed school booklists in India, it also ensures quick deliveries with facility of tracking orders. Now to ensure a seamless working environment one can easily leverage the robust IT based platform in order to eliminate use of huge storage for inventories. The platform helps in increasing the overall efficiency of schools by providing good and timely services to its parents. The acute acceleration helps in striving for a constant factor of continuity towards the digital trend. Overall book bazaar shows a spatial design for easy workflow and smooth delivery of operations. By benefiting the economy it aims at an increased rate of return.


Indeed, digital platforms may help in scaling the business as well as earning high end returns. As the SEO and algorithms help in generating most trafficked book stores all around the globe. Even though there is an enormous competition out there it gets easy to earn profits with accurate research and hard working competency.